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Hiya, I’m Hannah, and my brain hates me.

I started blogging in 2017 on an entirely different kind of blog… if you’ve found me from that blog, hello! But in order to prevent that blog from being overrun by posts about my mental health, I decided to start this one on New Year’s Day 2019. This is where I come to write down (and try and make sense of) all the stupid things my brain does to me. Well, it’s cheaper than therapy.

If you’re constantly fighting your brain like I am, I hope something here might help you in some way, if only to know that you’re not the only person in the universe who feels like you do. Feel free to leave a comment on any posts that strike a chord with you, or drop me an email if you’d like to chat in private.

I’m not doing this for any kind of personal gain, or to try and elicit sympathy, but if you fancy buying me a coffee that would be very much appreciated. Of course, if you really care and you find me on here being very depressed, you could cheer me up by buying me something from my Amazon Wishlist – but really, I don’t expect anything from anyone, I’m just trying to get this stuff out of my head…

Hannah x

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